Urban Jungle : Our favorite House Plants

Growing tired of a lifeless interior? Or maybe your room’s a blank canvas ready for its first dash of color. The best indoor plants can add just the right amount of intrigue—they’re free-form and organic yet clean and sculptural; they delight with their unpredictability yet reassure with their steady presence. The perfect houseplant not only serves as a perfect addition to your charming home décor, but helps oxygenate the air and even create a de-stressing environment. 

    Here are our top picks for plants that not only beautify your home, but are also fairly easy to maintain  –


    Fiddle Leaf Fig

    Double its growth - How to Fertilize your Fiddle Leaf Fig

    With their green and shiny leaves, their unique shape and their dense leaf coverage, these trendy plants are our top pick for decorative plants to spruce up any room. Fiddle leaf figs can grow up to 6 feet - a couple feet every year if given the proper care. 
    • Water – When top layer of soil is dry
    • Brightness – Full and filtered

    Umbrella plant

    Looking for umbrella plant care tips? This post shares everything you need to know to keep your umbrella plant healthy and thriving. #umbrellaplant

    Many different kinds of Umbrella plants exist in the market but they share common characteristics – each requires ample water, large amounts of sunlight and room, and this plant can take up as much space as needed. A key advantage – Gardeners can guide its direction with frequent pruning, making its growth a fun and individualized process.
    • Water – When top layer of soil is dry
    • Brightness – Full and direct

    Zebra plant

    How to care for your Zebra Aphelandra indoor potted plant | Ansel & Ivy plant care

    This plant has larger-than-life leaves with highly distinctive zebra patterns and will make a fine decorative addition to the corner of your living room or any other windowsill. An ideal location is the bathroom as this plant thrives in hot and humid conditions. In case you’re feeling a little ‘wild inside’, why not buy a large bunch to build a small urban jungle within your home?
    • Water – Once a week
    • Brightness – Indirect and bright

    Snake plant

    If any plant can win the invincibility title, it is the snake plant. It grows in almost any light and brightness setting, hardly requires watering and is perfect for the individual who wants a low-maintenance plant. Another hallmark is the plant’s spread. It grows straight towards the sky and not outward – meaning it fits well in cramped apartment spaces.
    • Water – Every fortnight
    • Brightness – Any

    Peace Lily

    Fun fact – the Peace Lily does not actually have blooming flowers but bracts (leaves that plays a similar role in reproduction). Nonetheless, they look like flowers and bloom year-round. This, coupled with the hardiness of the plant and its broad, deep green leaves, mean that the home décor amateur has got the perfect potted plant to get their hands dirty. 
    • Water – When leaves droop
    • Brightness – Indirect and medium

    ZZ Plant

    ZZ Plant Watering Guide (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia) - Smart Garden Guide

    Looking for a plant that is almost as aloof as cats when they’re lazing about? The ZZ plant shines in low light areas with minimal moisture, as it evolved in arid conditions compared to other plants in this list. It can even survive in the wild for months on end without water, but that is not recommended for obvious reasons.
    • Water – Every two weeks
    • Brightness – Indirect and low

    Rubber Tree

    5 plantes roses // Hëllø Blogzine blog deco & lifestyle www.hello-hello.fr

    If you have a tendency to forget about your plants, or are new to the whole "plant parent" lifestyle, get a rubber tree. They handle under-watering better than over-watering and remove carbon dioxide from your home. If you’re patient enough to grow your own, rubber plants that are younger when you buy them, adapt better to indoor living than starting with a more mature plant.
    • Water – When soil is dry
    • Brightness – Bright indoor light


    epipremnum aureum marble queen #pothos

    Based on Internet searches and inquiries at plant shops, the sturdy Pothos vine seems to be a fan favorite. The creeper needs intermittent watering, moderate sunlight, and true to its nature, is a fast grower. If permitted, the Marble Queen Pothos even conquers corners of the house in some months. If you seek a truly ‘natural’ vibe, look no further.
    • Water – When soil is dry
    • Brightness – Moderate indoor light
    As a parting note, taking care of house plants can feel a little daunting but you only need to remember three simple facts and you’re good to go –
    • Water houseplants when the soil is dry
    • Keep them away from heating and cooling units
    • Identify the amount of sun needed by each
    • Prune, clean and repot as necessary
    Happy House-planting!