Organize with ALTROVE

At Altrove, we have a vision of transforming spaces into Instagram-worthy as well as Pinterest-worthy homes. Not only do we love to add beauty to your homes, but we also love to help you keep them organized and clutter-free. This brings us to our baskets, ranging from baskets for hampers, baskets for the kitchen as well as baskets for laundry, baskets for clothes and so on. A basket adds that bit of style to your home with its simplicity and rustic feel. An assortment of minimalist bohemian trays, bins and baskets from Altrove is waiting to adorn your home. Read more..

We have everything that you need to uplift your mood instantly. 

Baskets are multifunctional home decor items, to say the least. You can use our baskets for laundry, or to store your wine glasses and crockery, as well as to keep your books and magazines organized. Use them to carry your breads & beverages in or even use them as planters. The natural texture and rustic aesthetic of our baskets add the perfect touch of understated elegance along with a free spiritedness to your homes. 

At Altrove, we have plenty of options for you to pick and choose from. Make your selection from the signature Kauna handbag to carry your essentials in style, when you step out of your house. While, any kind of flower arrangement in our tote baskets will transform your living room into an even more beautiful space, make sure to keep your laundry out of sight and organized with the help of our Madaan laundry basket. You could serve fruits in our Aher rectangular tray and impress your loved ones and guests alike at your next brunch. Also if you love plants, you must buy our Matka, Sudan or Maidan planters to help make your space look even more appealing. Just in case you were looking to declutter your house, there is nothing better than our storage baskets that can help you stay organized, while adding an element of style to your home.

Materials that we love

We care for our planet and hence have chosen organic materials for all our baskets. They are made from natural materials like moonj grass, recycled plastic, kauna reed, cane, etc. Our baskets are multi-purpose whether you choose to use them for storage or as tote bags. They will definitely add elegance to any space because of their natural brown and beige hue, which blends well with any home décor element seamlessly. The charm of these organic baskets can never be undermined because of the value they add to your home. 

So, whether it is that bedside table that you have been looking to replace with a more earthy yet stylish alternative, or it is that potted plant that you would like to have replaced with a planter, we have you covered. 

We, at ALTROVE, have everything you need to upgrade your home. So do not look any further! Go ahead and explore our basket collection now!