Find The Perfect Rug With ALTROVE!

Rugs are undoubtedly an essential part of home decor. A carefully chosen rug for the living area can instantly uplift the look of the room and add an element of pampering and comfort to your room. A rug also makes your feet feel pampered and we at Altrove have a plethora of rugs to suit your home decor needs and preferences. Let's dive into our world of rugs and carpets, dhurries and jacquards, shags, and runners at Altrove. We promise that we will give you the best rugs to buy online in India. Read more..

Styles and designs just for you

Choose from a wide variety of rugs like the ethnic mythos rugs, buhara woven rugs, heritage rugs, mythos medallion rugs, or the very intricate kilan rugs if you are looking for an eclectic or traditional home decor design. 

If your decor is more about stripes and patterns you can go for the cascade rugs, carway rugs, grid hand-woven rugs, or the coleto beige hand-woven rugs. One very remarkable creation of ours is the Noir hand-woven reversible rug that would add an element of illusion with its black and white stripes. To add a dash of fun, do not think twice before splurging on the quaint rugs, the fluff hand-woven rugs, the honeycomb rugs, Moroccan Berbers, or the stipple beige hand-tufted rugs. You can even play around with different shapes and sizes of these rugs for the living room like round rugs, black rugs, etc.

Materials and styles that we love

If you look at our catalogue, we have curated designs right from minimalist, traditional, boho to casual styles. For materials, we love to choose from wool, hemp, leather, recycled cotton, recycled plastic bottles, jute, New Zealand, and European wool, etc. Our products are handwoven with love and care to make your home decor look gorgeous and sustainable as well.

Style tips from our heart

Make sure to have a complimentary accent wall, a contrasting couch, divan, or a sofa set, throw in some bright cushions and a potted plant just to make your home décor look like the best one ever. Your rug should also complement the floor colour. Choose a size that is good enough for your space. It is also wise to choose rugs after you have curated your room with other elements of home décor. Also, if you are shopping for rugs online for multiple rooms, all rugs visible from a point in your house should complement each other. That is how you can add the perfect home décor aspect with the help of rugs. At Altrove, we make sure that you pick as many as you want that sync well with one another. Get creative about your choices and gift yourself the peace of living in a house curated just right and within a budget. We will help you get that effortlessly. 

Make your choice from our rugs & carpets onlineand step up in your home décor level seamlessly. Our couture is colourful and enticing, so show yourself some self-love by taking these home.