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Dress Up Your Walls With ALTROVE!

A home can never look complete without some vintage art prints adorning your wall. Whether it is your accent wall, the boring balcony, kitchen and dining area, or your bedroom, at Altrove, we have something your home will love. These art prints are sure to bring a vintage look to your walls and make you feel more centred and at peace with yourself. You can also shop these for gifting as the paintings are wonderful gifting items for your loved ones. Let us explore. Read more..

The story behind these art pieces

Go for the Exotic sheep vintage painting that was originally completed in 1800 and bring a dash of the beauty of the landscape to your living room. The Vintage River painting depicting the river Seine would be perfect for the Northern corner of your house to embrace abundance in the house. Go for a set of 10 paintings depicting the spring season in the village that dates back to 1800 and is classy and elegant. If you are inspired by the poet Shelly and want to capture the Beauty of clouds make your pick from the Vintage Cloudy gallery wall set or the Dark cloudy gallery wall of 10 in various sizes. Mix and match and place them as per your choice to create the perfect modern wall depicting the beauty of the cloud with a dash of vintage beauty. If you love the vintage coastal set of 4 which originally dates back to 1800 you should buy them to adorn your accent wall. Who does not love the sea? Bring in some beachy vibes to your house with the Muted seascape, coastal landscape and the torment sea waves painting. If you have pets at home, you must pick the Landscapes that date back to the 19th century.

A little more about our products

These paintings come in paper prints sans the frame. You can find or custom make a frame that complements the painting and your home.  

These paintings were created and curated by renowned artists and that is why we had a vision of bringing to your home an affordable version that can be framed and looks as good as the original painting. It is true that art is priceless and we believe that artwork can work wonders for your home décor as well. 

So go ahead and buy these classy, elegant and beautiful artwork and frame them as per your home décor needs. Transform your space into a beautiful home and we at Altrove are with you on this beautiful journey.