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Light Up With ALTROVE!

If you are running out of options to choose a gift for yourself or your loved ones, what can be a better option than our jaw-dropping collection of candles. A candle with a soothing therapeutic fragrance brings a smile to anybody's face effortlessly. Lighting a candle can improve the vibes of a place instantly. It also brings a certain amount of calmness to one's mind and body. No wonder, scented candles are a favourite of spas. A simple dinner can feel elegant and romantic with a candle adorning the table magically. It is visually pleasing and calming to the senses as well. At Altrove you will find the most lavishly designed online candles with the best of aromas for uplifting your home decor needs. Read more..

Brighten up your mood and space

At Altrove, we have an extensive collection of scented candles. These are available in single or two-piece gift box sets. The Nitara candle gift box that comes in two fragrances i.e., vanilla and tuberose is one of the best gifting options for your loved ones. Go for the Niva candles that come with a wooden wick and enjoy a pleasant evening with your loved ones. With a concoction of patchouli, jasmine, frangipani, and plumeria the Blanc Misa candle is surely going to feel lush and elegant. Go for the fusion of jasmine and tuberose with our Magic Fleur candle and feel relaxed and pampered. You will see your stress melting away with the pleasant fragrance of these candles. The Misa collection of scented candles makes your home feel pleasant with the fragrance of cypress, pine, vanilla bean, wild cherry, musk, lemon, cashmere, bergamot, rose, peony, peach, eucalyptus, and lavender. These fragrances are mixed and matched with each other to create the perfect concoction of pleasant fragrances to uplift your mood and improve your house's vibes instantly. Some of these gift packs come with a set of two candles so make your pick as per your choice and needs.

Material and the idea behind these beautiful items

The candles are made with 100% soy wax and are animal cruelty-free. The beauty of natural essential oils is fused in these and that is why these are organic and created with the aim of a greener planet. The packaging and manufacturing are environment friendly as well as they come in premium quality jars and boxes. So, here is your chance to gift your loved ones while contributing your bit towards Mother Earth. 

A little science behind aromatherapy

Why are candles therapeutic? Lighting a candle not only is visually pleasing and stimulating the fragrances emitted by lighting create a sense of calmness in your tired mind and soul. City life plays havoc on each of our minds and body. You can bring home these fragrant home decor candles and feel relaxed. Aromatherapy also helps to address certain conditions like stress, anxiety and mood disorders. A fragrance reaches parts of your brain and brings back the memories associated with it magically. We at Altrove, want to create these moments with you with these fragranced candles.

Go ahead and make your pick and enhance the vibes of your home instantly.