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Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love...

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  • This Balinese-style Bengaluru villa wins hearts with its zen-like tea room

    Weespaces design a home for a young couple on the outskirts of Bengaluru, that's meticulously detailed yet unfussy. 

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  • A Pune apartment that's a treasure trove of memories

    Dominated by native materials and traditional forms, this family home cuts a surprisingly modern figure.

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  • A simple and spiffy Mumbai home with understated elegance

    With a floating bar, a dreamy den and lots of space for entertaining, this city apartment is ideal for family and friends alike.

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  • We enhance your space with fresh textiles, décor and art, to create a more aesthetically pleasing environment. while retaining your existing furniture and fixtures.

    Starting at ₹5,000 
  • We design the look and layout of your space, curate a collection of products from multiple resources to give you a complete roadmap to your #dreamroom, at any budget.

    Starting at ₹10,000 
  • We work closely with Architects, Interior Designers to bridge the gap between hard and soft decor, create material palette for textiles and decor to style the final space.

    Starting at ₹15,000 
  • We design the look & layout of your space, procure products from multiple resources, create custom designs and execute your entire #dreamroom from scratch.

    Starting at ₹20,000 
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We house some of the finest home-grown Indian décor brands that best represent today's urban millennial lifestyle.

  • Rukmini Kadam, Influencer

    "Hear me out. if you want the real deal in French country farmhouse décor , Altrove is your place. Right from the fabric to print to colours."

  • Reshma Kane, Biophile

    "Our current set of Pillows and Throws are thanks to ALTROVE which encourages local artisans and their product!"

  • Priya, Homemaker

    "I absolutely loved it! The colors and quality are really amazing! Regretting not ordering more! Your collection is beautiful!"

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Come Home To ALTROVE!

“Home is where the heart is”, indeed. No matter how hectic your life is, the feeling of coming back from work to a comfortable and visually stimulating house always lulls one to sigh peacefully. Whether it is your rented apartment or your dream home that you own, there is no reason for you to not curate and decorate it to suit your moods and preferences. Read more..

With this motivation to create a space for you that is vibrant, motivating, creative and soothing, we at Altrove have curated some of the best home décor items online for you to pick . Soak in the beauty of these simply yet integrated curated products and we are sure you would surely like the experience.

Let us break the myth : Most people have a belief that without investing a lot in interior designing , their home would look quite incomplete. At Altrove, providing you with Instagram-worthy designs in a jiffy. Right from decorative items for the living room like boho and vibrant cushions for your couch, rugs for your living room,  bed covers for your bed, poufs for your sofas, modern and abstract wall art, etc. we have a gamut of home decor products that are easy to clean, made up of comfy materials and easy on your pockets as well. Forget about spending a bomb on interior designing, go the bohemian minimalist way and invite these vibes to your home effortlessly.

Less of brown and more of colours

Gone are the days when home interiors included more browns and whites. In the current scenario  people are now more interested in vibrant colours like teal, blue, green, yellow, etc. Even a grey wall looks classy when it is an accent wall, with a teal colour sofa adorned with our beautifully curated modern wall art, tufted cushions in sage/cream colours, a tassel throw bringing in the vastness of the azure sky, and so on. Your mood and temperament reflect what you are surrounded with. We assist you with our simple, woven, bohemian, and minimalist styled products so that you go into your zen mode as soon as you step inside your home.

Go pastel and floral for your bedroom

Embrace the classic look of a bedroom with our plethora of bed sheets, quilts and duvets styled in pastel colours and a variety of designs and textures. Choose from a variety of bedspreads that is curated just for you like the solid coloured one, textured, warm, mauve, grey, ruffle, classic striped, waffle, floral, or the tiny polka-dotted for you to settle in and feel pampered for every season. Accentuate your bedroom wall with wall art that complements the wall colour and add some planters and a floor lamp to get that chic look that is a dream of many. Pick up your favourite book and get lost in a peaceful slumber while being surrounded by beauty and comfort.

Dine and wine in style

Just moved into a new apartment and scratched your head about the choicest tableware to impress your guests? Leave the brainstorming to us. Enriched in bohemian vibes and art, our tableware that includes coasters, placemats, cutlery, mugs, plates will enhance the look of your dining table. Now confidently display your culinary skills and tantalize the taste buds of your friends and loved ones when they come over for a get-together or for a dinner. Add a bit of style to your table décor by placing our naturally woven bread basket and spruce up the vibes with a scented candle that soothes away all the distress that a busy life tries to pile up on you.

You need ideas to make a beautiful world, not just money. With our budget-friendly products, we are sure you will curate that beautiful home that would look straight out of a popular home and lifestyle magazine. We are there with you to beat the blues of life, with our creativity, sense of art and beauty, and a zest for life in general. Join us in our beautiful journey of making this world a wee bit more beautiful!

Keep an eye on the sales and discounts on our Home Accessories products that keep flashing on our website so that you save a lot on your shopping.