Light up your life!

Lamps are the perfect element to help you enhance or soften a specific space in your home, they are great at creating or defining a certain mood that you might want to add to your space. We, at Altrove,  have a deluge of lamps that you can pick from, for your home . Let's take a plunge straight into our wide selection of table, floor and pendant lamps. At Altrove, we pledge to you our best collection of lamps to buy online for your home.

Styles and designs just for you

If you’re looking to add a touch of bohemian simplicity to your space, look no further, opt for a lamp or two from a wide selection that we have curated just for you. Choose from the Tulip, Opium and Orbit pendant lamps, the Mushroom floor lamp or maybe you would like to spruce up your study with our Lotus table lamp.

You might not realise that the missing element in your living room was a floor lamp until you bring home our Mushroom or Lotus floor lamp which pulls the look of your entire room together as soon as you place it in that corner that always seemed a little off. Your hallway and dining area that you have worked on so hard to turn into a cozy space may feel a little incomplete without our Orbit and Opium pendant lights. Our Lotus table lamp is probably just what you need to add a little fun to your otherwise serious study.

Materials we love

If you take a close look at our catalogue, you’ll see that we are just as sensitive to the environment as you are. We have taken care that our lamps have been made with material that is eco-friendly. We have used bamboo and linen to curate these lamps for you with a lot of love, while keeping in mind our mutual love for this planet. Our lamps are gorgeous and sustainable and will definitely light up your home.

Style tips for you

Ever wondered how every time you turn the pages to a home decor magazine, all the rooms in the pictures look absolutely perfect? That’s because all those rooms are full of light! Trust us when we tell you that no matter what, your space could always use more light! Create a small reading nook in your living room by tucking one of our floor lamps next to or right behind your favorite armchair or maybe it's your bedroom that could use more light, achieve that by placing two similar floor lamps on either side of your bed to create symmetry. Add our table lamp to your entryway console along with some accessories to smarten it up instantly or go ahead and add our neutral pendant lamp to your eclectic dining room to bring everything together. Lamps really are easy to style and raise the style quotient of every space that they’re placed in. 

Shop now from our collection of  lamps available online and amp up your home decor game. Our collection is sustainable and free spirited but also elegant all at once, so head over and shop lamps that light up your space effortlessly.