A console is one of the most versatile piece of furniture in any home. Why? It can be placed anywhere and will blend seamlessly with the rest of your house without taking too much space, and can be styled in endless ways. Here's how you can style your console the Altrove way!

Style #1

Its best to have a statement piece for your console and style around it. We have used a mirror as our statement piece, it adds height and also takes up ample wall space. An earthy look is very simple to create, which we achieved by adding pampas in a wooden vase alongside a coffee table book and a couple of vases accessorised with a wooden bead garland and dried stems. To avoid any empty spaces we placed a basket at the bottom of the console and a throw that peeks out just a tad to add a little character. Simple decor like a scented candle and a couple of pinecones complete the entire look.



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Style #2

If you're looking to spruce up your console and running short on time, this one is definitely for you. All we've done is place two diferent vases full of fresh greens that were very conveniently available to us off the sidewalk, and a cane tray with a vase and a wooden bead garland on the surface of the console. A rustic planter with a sage plant and a couple of cushions at the bottom was all it took to give this console a refresh.

Style #3

It's almost spring and we simply had to have these beautiful fresh blooms on our console. We chose to display them in an ivory paper mache vase along with a smaller one at the other end of the console. It's always a good idea to add a few elements under your console to avoid an awkward empty space. An ivory pouff, a couple of jewellery boxes and a vintage canvas with a golden orb is how we chose to complete our look



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Clearly there's a number of ways to style your console and there's no right or wrong way to do it. Adding height, using a statement piece and some kind of flower arrangement is a simple way to begin. A great console setup can do a lot for your space and amp your decor game up within minutes.