The Altrove Trade Program is designed to foster collaboration between Altrove and its affiliate partners. As an affiliate partner, you can earn a generous commission for every sale you generate, with no subscription fee or upfront cost required to participate.

Affiliates will earn a commission on the total sales amount for every customer referred to Altrove.

Tier 1 : Commission of 10% on every sale for order value of 1L and below.

Tier 2: Commission of 15% on every sale for order value of 1L and above.

Our Story

craft, creativity and cultural understanding

ALTROVE is a home decor haven for the curious and creative - a looking-glass into the life they aspire to live. We combined our love for travel, culture and visual wanderlust with Asian craftsmanship to design and curate products inspired by the latest trends from around the globe. We also house some of the finest home grown Indian decor brands that best represent today's urban millennial lifestyle. Our products include home textiles and décor under a myriad of aesthetics like: Minimalist bohemian, Urban Farmhouse, Casual Coastal, Basic Biophile, Modern Mid-century and Global Indian. Our aim is to take that #dreamroom from your Pinterest board and make it accessible & affordable. 

Global mind Indian roots

"I lived in New York and worked at the heart of home decor wholesale for five years. On every vacation back home to India, I'd fill my bag with samples and swatches of all the newest, trendiest and most beautiful decor products, to gift friends and family. I was always so overwhelmed with their reactions, the most common of which was "Oh, we never get anything like this in India." I would ask them to flip over the label and 9 out of 10 times it would say, in big unsurprising letters : 'MADE IN INDIA.'  
Over the years, an unsettling thought developed at the back of my mind: although India has the skill, the craftsmen and a rich history in handicrafts spanning centuries, we don't have access to most of the beautiful products we work so hard to create. In time I moved back to India and in the process of redecorating our small apartment, found the decor market to be disorganized, very expensive or very cheap and lacking in choices that reflect Indian millennial culture. 

And so, ALTROVE was born." 

- Shreya Mantri

Founder, ALTROVE