If you look around your bedroom in this moment, you can tell that your bed is the main element of your space. There’s a chance that you might have even splurged on your bed with the thoughts of dressing it in the same fashion that you see on your Pinterest boards. Here's the Altway of styling your bed with cushions!

Word cushions

Word cushions are perfect if you’re looking to make your bed seem even more personal and want to send a message across at the same time. Choosing the right kind of word pillow can help you dress up or dress down your bed. A neutral coloured cushion with simple white lettering or a colourful cushion with sequin embroidery lettering can add ample character to your bed and make it seem like a thoughtful gesture

Stick to a colour pallette

The first rule of styling your bed with cushions, is that there’s absolutely no rules! Since, we’re clear on that, it’s time to play! The cushions on either side of your bed do not have to match all the time. It’s okay for your arrangement to look asymmetrical. As long as you do not go completely wild and introduce several colour palettes and textures and sizes at the same time, it’s ok to play around with textures and various shapes to make your bed look fun and playful with a touch of sophistication at the same time! 

For the Minimalist

While some of us may love the look of a bed that’s full of cushions, the minimalist in some, may find it very chaotic. Fair enough, there’s a way around that too! Stacking your regular pillows one on top of the other and side by side at the head of your bed, will create a clean look. While adding solid coloured cushions on either side that lean on your pillow arrangement will complete the look and make your bed look effortlessly stylish and not overwhelming at the same time.



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Add more colour

Here’s the deal! You don’t have to stick to a certain colour palette all the time. If your bedding is all white, even better. Take inspiration from the colour palette of the various elements in your room and add those to your cushions. Not only will it add more colour to your bed but it also unifies the bed with the rest of the elements in the room seamlessly.

Add a statement pillow

If all else fails, arrange your pillows upright to create a canvas for your cushions to lean on. Arrange two cushions in a singular palette next to each other or one behind the other and add one with more colour and texture in front of the two! Brownie points if you go ahead and splurge on a body pillow. This arrangement is fail-proof, takes less than thirty seconds to put together and never fails to make your bed look like it belongs in a home decor magazine.