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Find The Perfect Table Decor With ALTROVE!

Art does to the mind what food does to the body. We at Altrove, understand your artistic needs and love to transform your homes into spaces filled with art and beauty. In this section, we herald you to our Table Décor collection which has been curated with a lot of love, dedication, and an inclination towards perfection. Whether you are hosting a dinner, a get-together or are the owner of a lovely restaurant your tableware speaks a lot about your aesthetic and taste in decor. Everything that we have in this section will help you transform your dining table into a space right out of a decor magazine. Read more..

What do we have in store to grace your table?

At Altrove, we have a wide variety of items to adorn your table with. Indulge in some round jali placemats, trivet or coaster sets made from dried grass that add an earthy element to your home decor and watch it work wonders for your space. Is there anyone that can resist macrame art? We don’t think so. Go ahead and buy our Macrame solar placemat, that has intrinsic work on it and appeals to everybody instantly. If you’d like to add some French country aesthetic to your house make sure you buy our wood bead garlands, vase charms and door charms . Not only does it add a lot of style to your space, but it also adds a certain detail to the decor in your space. Place your food on our stylishly curated Podium trays and cane trays for display at the table for your next dinner party and we promise you constant compliments from your guests. Bring some heritage into your house by purchasing our Boondi Thali that’s available in three distinct hues, such as antique brass, black, and silver. This will effortlessly help you blend heritage with style and bring it to your table! 

Know about our materials and style concept.

When we were curating our table décor products, we had a few things in mind that wouldn’t be compromised on. For example, we wanted to add an earthy element to our décor, vintage styles, and designs but also at the same time wanted them to be sustainable. Our Jali placemats, trivets and coasters are handwoven by women from the North-east of India and are made from dried grass. The beads in our garlands are made from solid wood and are extremely compelling visually. The boondi plates are made out of antique brass and blend seamlessly into your traditional yet trendy home. We have chosen our materials for our table décor collection in a fashion that contributes towards a greener planet and we would love to have you join us in our beautiful journey. 

Having said that, make your pick from the products of our table décor collection and transform your home into a classy and stylish habitat. Receive constant accolades from your guests and loved ones and in turn what we would have earned in you, is a lifetime customer and an appreciation for our efforts towards creating an artistic, functional, and sustainable collection of products for your home. Shop now!